107045 Moscow, Bol'shaya Sukharevskaya square 16/18, bld.1 tel.: +7(495) 64-567-64

LLC " BeringPoint"

BearingPoint has been operating in Russia since 1995. The current position of the company in Russia is the result of its sustainable business performance over the last years. As of 2006, our Russian practice comprises over 175 experienced consultants and our professional workforce continues to grow.

Our success in the dynamic Russian market is determined by our principles: commitment to clients; comprehensive approach to projects based on our global methodology; understanding the peculiarities of the Russian market; deep industry experience; and the professional knowledge of our consultants.

We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our clients and delivering high quality projects on time.

BearingPoint is one of the few consulting companies on the Russian market offering a full scope of services from strategy to execution.


The Limited Liability Company " BeringPoint" thanks company N-L.I.N.E for highly professional and operative rendering of services in consultation concerning the operating procedure of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation and official registration of papers of foreigners according to the Russian legislation. The employees of company N-L.I.N.E. show the flexible approach in each individual case, penetrate into a concrete situation and provide high result of work.

General director                                    Thomas Shtumer